FAQ’s of Child Sponsorship

As a child sponsor, the difference you’ll make means more than you think. You’ll help to create lasting change in children’s lives by transforming the world where they live. By helping to meet basic needs for things like clean water, healthcare, education, and income opportunities, you’ll help to break the poverty cycle. And you’ll give your sponsored child and other children in the area the chance to reach their full potential.

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Yes. Many people express interest in a specific gender or age of a child.

Can I sponsor a child who isn’t on the website?

Yes. We have hundreds of children in desperate need for sponsorship, but we just do not have the resources at this time to post ever child on our website.

How long is a child in the sponsorship program?

A child in our program will be able to stay through High School graduation. Their are always a number of circumstances that might contribute to a child leaving our program, but we are committed to these children for the long term.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

It is our prayer that your child becomes your extended family and that your sponsorship continues through the life of their stay in our program. We will continue your sponsorship, and the care that you provide for children, until you ask us to cancel your sponsorship. If you need or want to cancel your sponsorship, please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

How can I correspond with my child?

You can send cards, letters and pictures to your child by sending them to
Hope to Haiti PO Box 180391 Tallahassee FL 32318.
Be sure your child’s name on the correspondence. Please do not include your address, phone number or email in letters to your child, as we ask that all correspondence be sent through our main office.

Can I send a gift to my child?

We understand your desire to send packages to your sponsored child. However, we cannot accept packages for the following reasons:
High cost of shipping
Possibility of loss, theft, damage
Difficulty in getting packages to children in isolated areas
It may create difficulties when only one child receive a significant gift, especially in an orphanage situations
If you would like to remember your child in a special way, you may enclose small items in letters to your child or in an envelope no larger than 6×9 inches. Some items that children will enjoy are: stickers, hair ribbons, picture postcards and other flat inexpensive items.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes! Our organization qualifies as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under IRS code 501 (c)(3). Fed EIN #27-1659233 You will receive an annual receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contributions.
Our sponsors enroll in our monthly electronic auto-pay to make your donation. Your account will be debited each month. This is the most cost effective method our ministry. The form is available to download on our site.

How much of my contribution goes to my child?

100 percent of your sponsorship supports your child’s program inHaiti. Administrative costs are acquired through other fundraising efforts.
​Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.


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